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History of Beyoğlu


Beyoğlu district on the European side of Istanbul is one of the. North Sisli, Besiktas and Sisli district, surrounded by the Golden Horn and Bosphorus from the other direction based on the 8.76 square kilometer area. Rural non-residential district consists of 45 neighborhoods. Beyoglu, Istanbul is one of the first settlements. "Against collar", meaning "Pera" is known as.

The History Beyoglu Galata within the boundaries of the Byzantine period was an area mostly inhabited by the Genoese. With Christians from Galata foreigners, embassies and at that time due to the "Grand Rue de Pera called" settlements along Istiklal Caddesi in view of the European city has emerged as a settlement. French and Venetian embassies settled by Franciscan missionaries around them made ​​up the core of the settlement.

Thus, a different community in Istanbul, Turkey began to develop in the 17th century Lovers of 1860-1864 in Beyoğlu and removed Ayazpaşa cemetery, demolished the walls of Galata, was opened new avenues and streets; To prevent fire, construction of wooden buildings is prohibited. Galatasaray, Beyoğlu connects to the underground rail transport in the world and one of the first examples of attempts Tunnel, the second half of the 19th century, was established in 1873 in Beyoğlu.

In 1913, Beyoglu, Sisli of the electric trams were put into service. When switching from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of the settlement area of Beyoğlu from Tesvikiye and Macka Besiktas, Sisli to the other, stretched out on the slopes of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, this development has been the subject gradually return to their work places. Ottoman era name street-i Kebir, while after the Republic name Istiklal Avenue, the main road, shops, banks, cafes, theaters, cinemas, bakeries and places of entertainment with the opening of developed and these developments experienced with residential density Halaskargazi from the street Sisli were extending.



There are various rumors about the birth of the name “Beyoğlu”. According to first of these rumors; during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, the name comes from the event in which Prince of Pontus empire Alexias Komnenos had converted to Islam and settled in this district. According to second of these rumors; the name comes from not the settling of Pontus Prince but the settling of Luigi Gritti the son of Venetian Ambassador Andrea Gritti during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (Suleiman I). The Turks had called this man “Bey Oğlu” (the son of monsieur) whose father had married with a Greek lady. His mansion is located near Taksim.

According to another rumor; the district was called as “Beyoğlu” because the name was mentioned in the correspondences of Venetian Ambassador during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. The name Pera had been removed from official correspondences in 1925 and it has begun to be forgotten and the district has begun to be called “Beyoğlu”. Pera has developed lately as Istanbul’s settlement in Byzantine Period. Beyoğlu can be described as the most cosmopolite district of Istanbul and it is the place where you can have a real Istanbul experience. Istiklal Street and the venues around it are not just the centre of Beyoğlu but the centre of Istanbul.

Also, in terms of its unique dress, architectural and life styles; Beyoğlu represents a different image of Turkey. The architectural style has always been Western since before now. Beyoğlu and its streets are home to more churches and synagogues than any other district in Istanbul. The other prominent places in the district are mentioned below. .

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